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CSG offers a variety of proprietary inside sales programs, including InsideSalesMasterDatabase and InsideSalesTrak to build and monitor your business.

Inside Sales Strategy: the “S” in STEP

Behind each inside sales telephone call, there must be a sound rationale or inside sales strategy to help motivate the caller to buy. An effective inside sales strategy is often the difference between success and failure.  The Strategy phase is the point of maximum leverage to consider various approaches and ideas.


Many firms simply allow their sales agents to define individual sales processes for themselves rather than map a coherent strategy for all to follow. This leads to sub-optimal results, lost sales and lost profits because of the varying skills of each agent. When management takes control of the sales strategy, results improve.


Customer Solutions Group creates successful inside sales strategies that generate more sales and higher profits because they are thoroughly tested in the marketplace. We create inside sales strategies for our own InsideSalesLab, our client’s operations or third party service bureaus. The InsideSalesLab and our exclusive STEP process take the theory out of inside sales and puts you in total control.


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