“Developing superior inside sales strategies and the call centers to implement them."

- CSG mission statement.

Inside Sales Technology: the “T” in STEP

Developing a superior inside sales Strategy must be matched by good implementation. This requires screening skills to acquire appropriate sales people, writing skills to prepare call guides and training materials, researchers who can find the best calling lists, and operating skills to set up telephony, email, reporting, and other infrastructure. At Customer Solutions Group, preparing for a program’s first sales call is the “T” or Technology phase in our STEP process.


Since CSG operates its own sales call center and develops call centers for its clients, we are at the forefront of technological advances and best practices. The Technology phase can be performed at your call center, a third party service bureau or, ideally, at CSG’s InsideSalesLab.


The InsideSalesLab is specifically designed to evaluate and optimize inside sales strategies with technology customized for this critical mission.


Contact us now to determine how CSG can define the inside sales technology you need.


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