Why Use Call Center Consutlants?

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    The Right Consultants

    bring a fresh perspective, are unburdened by internal personalities and assumptions, and have a broad experience gained from exposure to many call centers.

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    CSG Consultants

    enhance their state-of-the art knowledge of current technologies, labor laws, training and other techniques by running our demanding in-house call centers.  We offer practical solutions ground in current real-world experience. 

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    Practical Solutions

    are the result of cost-benefit orientation and experience. CSG was founded in 1993 by two Harvard MBAs. All CSG consultants have extensive call center line management experience providing a sensible foundation to generate workable recommendations.

Call Center Consulting
by Customer Solutions Group

CSG’s founders and principle consultants are Andy Carr and Jeff Feuer. Andy and Jeff are Harvard MBAs each with over 25 years call center line management and center consulting experience. They work efficiently -- many CSG consulting engagements bill under 10 hours.

When not on assignment, Andy, Jeff, and the other CSG consultants run our own demanding sales call centers such as the InsideSalesLab. CSG consultants never lose touch with the practical aspects required to run a quality sales center. CSG consultant's real world grounding is unique in our industry.

Since it’s founding in 1993 Customer Solutions Group has improved hundreds of sales centers worldwide.  We believe superior telephone sales and service originate with front line agents and supervisors supported by the proper equipment.

Our people-first philosophy means focusing first on recruitment, training, coaching, and quality assurance.   CSG pioneered scenarios-based training techniques and call blue printing as the foundation of quality controlled telephone sales and service.

Much call center technology focuses on new features that enhance the function of the equipment.  We reject this notion preferring instead to evaluate every feature based on its impact to the customer or prospect on the other end of the phone.  Savings from our technology recommendations (including equipment, telephony, and data services) are often substantial.

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CSG’s project management skills and guidance along the way ensured all aspects of the project were properly staged and managed ... CSG learned the unique characteristics and cultural aspects of our business very quickly. Their ability to see the big picture while implementing their calculated processes has been essential to the growth of our business.

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CSG is very detail oriented and provided great value to us at Holden Marketing. I would recommend them very highly.

Holden Marketing

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