Why Use CSG's InsideSalesLab?

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    Rapid startup and minimal investment

    are two excellent reasons to use CSG’s InsideSalesLab. No equipment to buy or people to hire. We take care of it all.

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    Seasoned inside sales testing professionals

    with over 20 years experience means good design, in-test monitoring, and adjustments.   Good decisions during the critical testing period saves weeks of effort testing dead-end strategies.

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    Acquire new customers

    during the test as the InsideSalesLab closes deals while executing its testing methodology.

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CSG’s InsideSalesLab

Customer Solutions Group (CSG) perfected inside sales testing at its InsideSalesLab. Created in 2005 at the request of a startup company that struggled to acquire customers, the InsideSalesLab has since hosted many dozens of firms of all sizes and in many industries.

The InsideSalesLab was uniquely developed from the ground up to deliver measurable, reliable sales testing.  Its unique tools and culture assure accurate results as rapidly as possible.

CSG’s InsideSalesLab personnel are disciplined, test-oriented sales persons.  They are sales veterans recruited and trained from day one to follow a testing regimen and properly observe and provide feedback.  Many have worked at CSG for years on multiple assignments.  Their managers average over five years with our firm.   They not only know how to sell but also how to coach front line agents to their best performance.  Their keen observations often lead to adjustments that shorten testing time significantly.  Experience counts!

Our outstanding personnel use our own custom developed sales testing software that tracks offers, reach rates, conversion rates, sales milestones, and other key information.   This flexible software can run an unlimited number of simultaneous test cells and produce the needed data to properly assess each one.

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CSG worked closely on a complex multifaceted marketing program. Jeff was always well prepared and made keen insights into the program that helped accelerate the program’s launch ... the entire CSG team has the highest integrity, work with their clients best interest in mind, and are fabulous to work with.

CSG was able to communicate with my Reps and draw out critical information, document it and figure out what changes needed to be made. CSG was able to recommend awesome business processes, options and software that we could use to get to the next level. It was great that they could communicate with the CFO, the VPs and also the call center reps!

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