Why Use CSG's Retention & Reactivation (R&R) Service?

What’s it worth?

Typical results are a 20% improvement in sales for the targeted customers – Huge!

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    Your existing customers are also your best prospects

    You have already spent the money to bring them on board, now get the most out of the relationship! You invest to coddle your biggest customers, but what about the hundreds or thousands that are not big enough justify a personal visit?

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    Calling customers is the best way to contact them

    Email is great, and we send them as part of R&R, but you’re lucky if 2% of your customers even open them. R&R typically contacts 15x more! – over 1/3 of your customer list over multiple dials.

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    Retain & Reactivate (R&R)

    When we reach one of your customers, it will always be a positive relationship builder. We will:

    • Give them (your choice) an offer to reactivate, or try a new product, or give them new information about your products or the industry as a whole
    • Immediately transfer anyone ready to buy to your salespeople
    • Immediately Transfer anyone with a complaint to your customer service group (service recoveries yield the most loyal customers!)
    • Update all marketing and contact information including names and emails

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CSG’s InsideSalesLab for R&R

Customer Solutions Group (CSG) perfected inside sales and customer retention at its InsideSalesLab. Created in 2005 at the request of a startup company that struggled to acquire customers, the InsideSalesLab has since hosted many dozens of firms of all sizes and in many industries.

Our deep experience allows us to make R&R a truly effective service. All you need to do is choose the content of our call – information or an offer of some kind, and give us access to the list of prospects to call. That’s it!

  • We hire and train all the people
  • We create and maintain the customized technology to track and report on the results of each dial
  • We treat your customers with TLC, and they will enjoy getting our calls – and why not, we only have good news!
  • You get increased retention, reactivation of dormant customers, immediate sales, and updated marketing information uploaded back to you.

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CSG worked closely on a complex multifaceted marketing program. Jeff was always well prepared and made keen insights into the program that helped accelerate the program’s launch ... the entire CSG team has the highest integrity, work with their clients best interest in mind, and are fabulous to work with.

CSG was able to communicate with my Reps and draw out critical information, document it and figure out what changes needed to be made. CSG was able to recommend awesome business processes, options and software that we could use to get to the next level. It was great that they could communicate with the CFO, the VPs and also the call center reps!

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