Our call center performs great service but we needed more sales too. CSG helped us develop an excellent sales strategy and transition plan. I am delighted with their findings and recommendations.

Jamie DeMarco Director of Guest Reservations and Education Gene Juarez Salons & Spas, LLC

How CSG's InsideSalesLab Works:
The STEP Process

Since 1993 CSG has led hundreds of clients to more efficient inside sales.  We pioneered the STEP process to address every element of inside sales methodically and expertly.  Here is how it works:

Strategy, the “S” in STEP

A written inside sales strategy saves time, reduces risk, and helps avoid dead-ends because planning is more efficient than making decisions on the fly.  Having developed hundreds of sales plans, CSG is expert at predicting likely paths to success and avoiding pitfalls. Learn more ...


Technology, the “T” in STEP

Armed with a good sales strategy CSG develops the systems to execute, including the right sales persons, training materials, calling lists, scripts, test matrix, reports, and the call center infrastructure. Learn more ...


Evaluation, the “E” in STEP

Because no one can exactly predict the marketplace, evaluation and testing are essential. That’s what the InsideSalesLab does.  We are experts at sales testing. Learn more ...


Production, the “P” in STEP

Once the strategy has been validated and optimized through testing, CSG can assist with full-scale production. Learn more ...


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