Why Create an Inside Sales Lab?

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    Prove out or debunk

    theories and anecdotes before they are adopted by your sales department.   Know the effects of a script change, offer update, or price alteration through testing.

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    Assure maximum performance

    by rolling out proven winning sales strategies to your larger sales force and avoiding sub optimal ones.

  • 3

    Motivate your salesfoce

    by demonstrating a professional commitment to excellence through testing and providing a meanigful outlet for salesperson input.

An Inside Sales Lab in Your Office

Creating an Inside Sales Lab within your own sales department can be rewarding and simple. All you need are a few simple tools to assure your tests are readable.

Most firms with significant inside sales already test alternative scripts, lists, and/or prices but they do so casually as part of day-to-day activities.  A lab concentrates this function into a small, well-disciplined group with the right tools to capture subtle improvements.

A firm with 50 inside sales persons might create a 5-person sales lab.  The five lab agents continue to sell and bring in revenue however their quota is more flexible because their mandate now includes testing.  It is understood that some tests will underperform.  Some sales are sacrificed in order to achieve constant process improvement to the large non-lab group of agents.

Startup companies are inside sales labs when they develop their sales process for the first time.  Often they are “labs by default” because they try different approaches by feel rather than create and measure test cells.  In a default sales lab, only standout successes or failures are noted because nuanced variations are too fine for an instinctive approach to measure.

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Customer Solutions Group applied a custom SMB sales campaign that proved successful and informative. CSG's hands-on approach was much appreciated and his team's professionalism and expertise helped us launch a new product while gathering the data we needed to forecast and plan for the future. This project required digesting and teaching a very technical product and we were very pleased with their abilities. I would definitely use CSG for any future endeavor.


CSG provided the call center functionality of a sophisticated application that leveraged online leads to sell auto insurance policies. CSG was very hands-on throughout the initial development as well as the ongoing operation of the application. The effort required more than an "off the shelf" approach. Modifications and problem resolution were also handled in a very pro-active manner.

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